A decentralized system for data exchange. See our technical paper for more information.

CKB-ZKP (a.k.a. zkp-toolkit-ckb)

Zero-knowledge proofs toolkit for CKB. Under active development and selected as one of the first infrastructure projects to be funded by the Nervos Ecosystem Grants Program. Read the original proposal here.

Clover Protocol

An aSVC based stateless protocol as layer-2 rollup on Nervos network. Developed during the Nervos hackathon.

Learning ZKP

Articles, codes and tools all about zero-knowledge proofs. Read about zkp introduction series from here or check out zkp learning resource list.

Token Libraries with Proofs

Correctness proofs of Ethereum token contracts.

Formal Verification for Decentralized Exchange

Formal Verification for Loopring Protocol Smart Contract version 2.

Security Audit for the First zkRollup DEX Protocol

Security audit for the first zkRollup based decentralized exchange, including smart contracts and zkp circuits.

Awesome Buggy ERC20 Tokens

A Collection of Vulnerabilities in ERC20 Smart Contracts With Tokens Affected.


The SECBIT Static Analysis Extension to Solidity Compiler. Find out how to use and currently cupported checks

The Solidity Safe Subset

A safe subset of the Solidity language. Find out how to build and use.